Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection and Overmolding Workshop

Benefiting from over 15 years of experience, the injection unit is at the core of Simef Electric’s subcontracting business. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in the field of thermoplastic injection, all necessary peripherals, and a highly qualified and experienced team, this unit has been developed with the aim of manufacturing plastic parts with a very high level of technical expertise. With a quality control laboratory for the materials used and thorough dimensional control, this unit is capable of guaranteeing a level of quality that meets any of its customers’ requirements. This department also has a preventive maintenance unit for mold maintenance.

Simef Electric also possesses a unit specialized in overmolding to expand its range of services in the field of plastic parts manufacturing. Its expertise in this field is applied to the manufacturing of cable harnesses and the overmolding of metal parts.

La Simef Electric possède également une unité spécialisée dans le surmoulage afin d’étoffer son catalogue de prestations dans le domaine de la fabrication des pièces plastiques. Son savoir-faire dans ce métier est appliqué à la fabrication des faisceaux de câbles et au surmoulage des pièces métalliques.

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